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September 07, 2021

Overcoming the Challenges of a Growing Family

Overcoming the Challenges of a Growing Family

Growing your family is an exciting time! Whether this is your first bundle of joy or baby number six, there are a variety of changes and adjustments you’ll have to make in your life.

Although those sweet cuddles and toothless smiles make it all worth it, there is often a great deal of financial stress when you bring home the newest member of the family. Finding small ways to prepare will ease some of the burden and help provide your family with all of their needs.

Reliable Transportation

Although we’d all prefer to stay in bed with the new baby, there’s quite a bit of traveling to be done. From doctor’s appointments to taking older siblings to school, practice, or play dates, you need a reliable vehicle for your precious cargo. 

 While this can be expensive, you deserve a safe vehicle so you can drive with peace of mind. There are a variety of options to help with this expense, such as finding a loan with manageable payments.

College Funds

While it seems impossible now, 18 years will fly by and your little one may be off to college! It’s not too early to start preparing for their future.  

Start building your child’s college fund so you all have peace of mind as they take that first step into independence. 

Teach Good Financial Habits

We will always worry about our children. Even when they’re long grown and moved away. However, it is our responsibility as parents to prepare them for life. 

Teaching them good financial habits from a young age will instill that mindset for them as they grow up and face the world. 

Whether you’re needing financial assistance, or just preparing little ones for a bright future, Millstream Area Credit Union’s got you covered for whatever financial stress life throws your way.

Visit our website to learn more about how we can help ease the stress of a growing family.

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